Titel                                                 Band

  Lodi                                                    CCR

  Gib mir Sicherheit                               Silbermond

  It' so Easy                                          Linda Ronstadt

  Ich geh in Flammen auf                      Rosenstolz

  The Last Time                                     Rolling Stones

  Stand by me                                       B.B. King

  Es geht mir gut                                   Westernhagen

  When you're gone                              Bryan Adams + Mel C.

  If you can't give me love                     Suzi Quatro

  Geh nicht in die Stadt                         Juliane Werding

  It's A Heartache                                  Bonny Tyler

  All my loving                                        The Beatles

  Mein Ding                                            Udo Lindenberg

  For A Few Dollars More                       Smokie

  Who stop the rain                               CCR

  Don't Stop                                           The Rolling Stones

  Kling Klang                                          Keimzeit

  Summer of 69                                      Bryan Adams

  Rocking all over the World                   Status Quo

  Lasse Reden                                        Die Aerzte

  Thorn in my side                                   Eurhytmics

  Take it easy                                          The Eagles

  Falling for you                                       Colbie Cailllat

  Kompliment                                           Sportfreunde Stiller

  Wild Horses                                          The Rolling Stones

  Lay Back                                               Smokie

  Zu Spät                                                 Die Aerzte

  Needles and Pins                                  Smokie

  You' re so Vain                                      Carly Simon

  Joe                                                        Concrete Blonde

  Like a virgin                                          Texas Ligthning

  Eiszeit                                                   Peter Maffay

  Proud Mary                                           CCR

  Back In The Arms of Someone              Smokie

  Leuchtturm                                           Nena

  Stumblin' in                                           Chris Norman +
                                                               Suzi Quadro

  The First cut is the deepest                  Sherryl Crow

  Wig-wam Bang                                     The Sweet

  TNT                                                       ACDC

  Ich wollte nie Erwachsen sein              Peter Maffay

  Like a Huricane                                     Neil Young

  Willkommen                                          Rosenstolz

  Dizzy Miss Lizzy                                    John Lennon

  Around and Around                              The Rolling Stones

  Have you ever see the rain                  CCR

  Sexy                                                     Westernhagen

  Imagine                                                John Lennon

  Braun sugar                                         The Rolling Stones

  Get Back                                               The Beatles

  Jugendliebe                                          Ute Freudenberg

  Hey Tonight                                          CCR

  Ruby Tuesday                                       The Rolling Stones

  Der Greis                                              Udo Lindenberg

  Working on a dream                             Bruce Springsteen  

  Back to you                                           Bryan Adams

  Ticket to ride                                         The Beatles

  Skandal                                                 Spider Murphy Gang

  Honky Tonk Woman                               The Rolling Stones

  Living Next Door To Alice                        Smokie

  Under the Boardwalk                             The Rolling Stones

  You can`t do that                                  The Beatles

  Travelin Band                                         CCR

  Under the thumb                                   The Rolling Stones

  Let it be                                                 The Beatles

  Time is on my side                                  The Rolling Stones

  Satisfaction                                            The Rolling Stones

  Start me up                                            The Rolling Stones

  Sympathy For The Devil                          The Rolling Stones

  Hallo Klaus                                              Nickerbocker & Biene

  Gegen die Strömung                               Lindenberg & Rostock

  Something in the Water                         Brooke Fraser

  I Never Rains In Southern California      Albert Hammond  

  No No Never                                           Texas Ligthing

  Looking Out My Backdoor                       CCR

  Altes Fieber                                            Tote Hosen

  Titanic                                                     Peter Schilling